Welcome To Perspective By Zena T.

I believe that there is a specific reason that God gave me the ability to express myself well in writing even though he is still working with me on truly accepting and using my gift. My constant prayer is that God uses me and gives me the words that he wants me to give to others. I sincerely hope and pray that I can make a positive impact upon others through sharing my life and lessons learned from living it.

Perspective By Zena T. is my small piece of the world wide web, where I share my perspective on life and lessons I learn during my daily journey through this life. As you take a peek at life through my eyes, you’ll see expressions about people who have had a profound impact on my life, my view on the world’s current events, as well as my personal perspective on a variety of different topics. I hope that you are inspired, encouraged & enlightened by my words. My goal is always to influence positivity and help others by sharing my experiences in life.

Thank you infinitely for stopping by to take a peek at life as I see it.

Zena T.💜