Gaining Understanding  #13

I have been watching all the non-stop news coverage on the new president of the United States and all the things that he is doing and saying that have caused people to have a very strong dislike for him. It stirred my thoughts and I began to think about all the horrible things occurring in this world on a daily basis. It seems to me that we are all against each other and there is entirely too much hate in the world. Since I was a little girl, growing up in a Christian family and being a student in Catholic school, I have always been taught that you are not supposed to question God because God always knows and does what’s best for his people. Well, for me sometimes questioning God is difficult to refrain from doing, and I find myself questioning him a lot lately.

There is a tremendous amount of things going on in the world near and far that I feel like I will never understand why it is happening. It seems as though there is rarely anything positive on the news, it has gotten to the point that I try not to watch the news because I dispise all the negativity that is shown. It may be naive of me but I like to think there is still a lot of good in the world and I always try to see the good in others.

Although I don’t understand a lot that God is allowing to happen in the world, I do believe that there is a lesson in everything that we experience in this life, there is always something that God is trying to teach us. God does not show you his reasoning or the lesson in each of your experiences in life until the experience is past tense. He makes you see later on in life just why he allowed a certain thing to happen or why he allowed you to go through the times you experience things that you feel are difficult, suddenly days, months, even years later that’s when you have that moment when you think “oh ok God, now I see what you were trying to teach me.” and in that moment you become grateful for the experience. I’m slowly starting to realize that it’s just not meant for me to understand everything that’s going on in the world right now, as difficult as it is for me sometimes, I know that I have to trust in God, accept his timing and wait to see what the end is going to be, because there will ultimately be a lesson in it for me.💜

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