Why Does Money Rule The World? #19

A1A08C23-3A57-4A96-A274-69BCD95A7BF4Money has never been something that is of great importance to me. I do like to have a little in my pocket from time to time and I definitely understand that in order to live a certain way in this world one needs to have a little bit of money, but I think too much importance is placed on making money in this world.

Every time I am in what’s known as the downtown area I think about people being kind and compassionate versus making money and only doing things that are going to be profitable. There is a lot of updating going on in the aforementioned area of town, but there are also several vacant buildings due to businesses permanently closing or relocating and I don’t know if the city officials have any plans for these buildings but it seems like some of them have been vacant for a long time. Whenever I am in this area of town the same thought always comes to mind about what I feel could be done with some of the vacant buildings. I think most of the homeless population in town stay in this part of town because that’s where most of the homeless shelters are. I guess it’s just my good heart ruling my thoughts, but I always think why not turn some of the empty buildings into housing for the homeless and less fortunate people.

My mom and I recently had an experience while running errands downtown that has kept that thought in my mind. After completing her errands my mom was walking back to the car where I was waiting on her when a man stopped her and asked if she had any money that she could give him because he was hungry. Unfortunately we are living in a time where it is necessary to question situations like that because you never know if a person’s aim is to harm you or not, but my mom is usually a very good judge of people’s character in all situations and she felt as if this man was legitimately in need.

At the time Momma didn’t have any cash on hand and being the good natured person that she is, she felt bad because she didn’t have any cash to give this man. Well, when she returned to the car she told me about her encounter with the man, we both felt bad because we thought that we didn’t have anything to give this man who was obviously in need of some kindness and so much more. We had just ordered takeout breakfast for the two of us so we decided to give the man all of our breakfast. Seeing the big, bright smile that our simple, random act of kindness put on this man’s face was a great feeling.

Along with the great feeling it gave me, it also made me wonder why is it that money makes the world go around? Why aren’t we doing more for the less fortunate people around us, like helping them get rehabilitated and creating programs that help them get jobs. Why is how successful someone is measured by how much money they earn? Why is it that most people only seem to be interested in doing things that are going to help them gain money?💜

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