Social Media: An Attention Seeker’s Paradise #22


I have to admit for the last few years, I think I’ve become what I would call a Facebook addict. I started my Facebook account a few years ago because I just wanted to see what all the hype was about, because it seemed like everyone I know was constantly talking about something they saw on Facebook, so I decided to see for myself what it was all about. Facebook quickly became a venue for me to use to communicate with family and friends who I don’t see or speak with regularly, then it became a way for me to express my thoughts about life and things going on in the world. Before I knew it, scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed every hour became a part of my daily routine. Lately I have become a bit disgusted by social media sites like Facebook & Twitter because I feel like the massive usage of social media websites has created a world of attention seekers. It is my opinion that some people take their first amendment rights (freedom of speech) to the extreme on these websites, because there are no rules, one can express whatever they so choose within a post.

People use these websites to degrade one another, to unnecessarily air their personal business, argue with one another and so much more, in my opinion all in effort of seeking attention. Even our president is constantly using Twitter to say things that he should just keep to himself. I would never label myself an attention seeker, I see myself as mostly an introverted person who keeps a lot to herself and feels that sometimes in certain situations it is best to refrain from speaking and I hate when the spotlight is shone on me, but I am guilty of having posted things on social media that I probably should’ve kept personal. I have personally become aware of how much time I have spent on social media destroying brain cells looking at words, videos and too much negativity that others should’ve kept to themselves.

Recently I was thinking about how a lot of the social media websites now have the feature that enables users to stream live videos on the site and I wonder if the developers of that feature have any regret about it, because of all the negative things that people choose to live stream video of. I guess it’s because like I stated I don’t consider myself an attention seeking person, but I don’t understand why people make the decision to post some of the things that they do, especially the awful things like fights, murders, and many other violent acts. It is mind boggling to me that people want attention so badly that they will resort to posting literally anything that will attract attention.💜

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