December 12th: Not Just An Ordinary Day #28

“Love is stronger than death even though it can’t stop death from happening, but no matter how hard death tries it can’t separate people from love. It can’t take away our memories either. In the end, life is stronger than death” Unknown Author


It’s December 12 on the calendar again, for me it’s not just an ordinary day like any other, December 12 is my daddy’s birthday and today is his 70th birthday. I know most people would say that it “would be” his 70th birthday but I think about it just as if he was still alive. Although Daddy died almost nineteen years ago December 12, is a date that I will always consider a special day to honor my daddy’s life and reminisce about all the good memories I got to make with the great father that God allowed me to have for sixteen years of my life. December 12, is a day to celebrate the man who my daddy was. I will always think of him as a strong family man, a great son, brother, husband, father and friend. December 12 is a day to reminisce about all the times I spent doing math homework with the greatest mathematician that I ever knew sitting beside me, teaching me a subject I hated, but he patiently worked with me because he loved his daughter. December 12, is a day to celebrate a man who always saw the brighter side of life, my daddy could have bricks falling down on him and he would be joking and laughing while digging himself out of the bricks.

December 12, is a day to remember a man who taught me what love is by loving my mom, my brother and I wholeheartedly. December 12, is also most times a bit of a sad day for me because I always think about how much I still miss my daddy and undoubtedly always will. I think anyone who has experienced the death of someone that they love as much as I will always love my daddy can possibly relate to how I feel about December 12, it’s a day filled with a lot of various emotions. I am always grateful for the time that God let my daddy be present in my life but sometimes on December 12 and several other days that are special dates having to do with my daddy I just want to lay in bed, be sad and have no one bother me, even though I know that’s not what Daddy would want me to do. I promised myself that this year I would not shed any tears, I will not dwell on how much I miss Daddy but I will think about all the good memories that we were given the opportunity to make and how blessed I am to have had a father who was always there for me and loved me more than I deserved at times until God called him to the next life. I hope that Daddy is resting peacefully in paradise enjoying December 12.💜

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