Life Lessons 2017 Taught: #29


It’s three days before Christmas, only eleven days left in 2017 and I woke up before the sun rose this morning thinking about my perspective of the last three hundred fifty four days. I think I have truly come to terms with the fact that there are some things in this life that we have no control over. We can only control our reactions to what God has planned for our lives and we have to accept that what God has planned isn’t always going to be in accordance with what we may want. Some awfully tragic things have occurred in this world throughout this year although I have only witnessed these things through watching television I was profoundly affected by some of them, and as I have said numerous times before I am always wishing that I could be the change that I want to see in this world, but I have concluded, that would be a huge, probably impossible job for one person. I think in order for anything in this world to change in a positive way everyone who inhabits this planet is going to have to put aside all their differences, agree to disagree and come up with solid solutions to make this planet a better place for the next generations.

Living life in 2017, has taught me that trying to be positive minded isn’t easy because img_0683-1so much happens in life that can easily destroy your positive thoughts if you allow that to happen, you have to be willing to push away all the negativity and realize that you are blessed simply just being alive. This year I have been trying to teach myself not to sweat the small stuff, and be thankful that God chose to give me life, although I am always questioning my place in this world I realize that my life is a gift that I should always be grateful for. 2017 has taught me to try my best to not have expectations of other people, because when you place expectations on others and they are unable to live up to what you expect you’ll always end up hurt, especially when that expectation is that others will want to do for you in the same way that you do for them, not everyone who you expect to care about you does and those who you don’t expect to care are the ones that care more than you’ll ever realize, life is just funny that way sometimes.

After paying attention to all the negativity in this world I have decided that I want to be someone who always tries to exude positivity, love, compassion and kindness. In 2018, and all my years to come I promise myself that I am going to aim at being a person who always has a kind word for others and who attempts to put a smile on the face of others simply because it makes them feel good, I think that is so needed in this world, because we’ve stopped being kind to one another without having a reason or no expectation of reciprocation. Looking back upon 2017, I realize that it is my opinion that there are too many people (including myself sometimes) in this world who let life and all the twists and turns that it can take you through, all the obstacles and the problems we are faced with cloud our vision and make us forget just how blessed we truly are.

The last three hundred fifty four days consisted of a lot of introspection, self reflection, talks with God, observation of others, being mindful of what I post here and it has all led me to this day Friday December 22, 2017. I want to keep in mind and hope that you do too, that just to wake up to a new day, open your eyes and see all that you have been blessed with is a blessing, even if life isn’t exactly how you want it to be, waking up with a roof over your head, in a comfortable bed, with clothes on your back, more clothes in your closet, clean running water and electricity that God enables you to keep the bills paid for, that’s a blessing that unfortunately so many do not have so you should be glad about it and don’t dwell on what you don’t have or what you can’t do.

In the coming year I pray that God allows me to do much more with this blog. I also pray that my words are having a positive impact on everyone who chooses to read them. Thank you to everyone who has read my perspective up to today.

Happy Holidays to you and yours💜

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