A Change Has To Come Now! #32

As I sit at home with tears in my eyes listening to the sincerely expressed words of the students from Parkland, Florida’s Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School some addressing the president of the United States, others addressing Florida lawmakers at the state capital building, I am feeling so many emotions all at once, mostly I am feeling sadness and anger. I feel sadness because I am thinking of the many lives that have ended in all of the mass shootings that have occurred in this country in the last few years. I feel anger because we live in a world where mass shootings and many other evil acts of violence have become a common occurrence. Evil acts of violence like murder should not be something that we are adjusted to happening because they have become commonplace in this country. It has only been three months since I wrote about the shooting in a small church in Sutherland Springs, Texas where twenty-six people were killed by one shooter. Now just three months later seventeen lives ended and several others were severely injured because one young man seemingly placed no value on his own life or the lives of others,whether that was because of mental illness or something else I don’t know. I was actually shocked and saddened to learn that it was the eighteenth school shooting this year and it’s only February.

It seems to me that its become a cycle that’s got to stop, a mass shooting occurs numerous men, women and children are killed, then the gun laws/regulations versus mental illness conversations start. The conversations go on for a week or two then stop and do not start again until the next shooting where there is a significant number of lives ended. As I stated in perspective #26, some people especially some politicians say that right after an act of violence such as a mass shooting happens is not the right time to talk about the issue of gun laws in this country and it’s not the right time to discuss whether or not the shooter(s) had some form of mental illness that caused them to committ these horrifying acts of violence. I really don’t understand that way of thinking at all, it makes no sense to me and it makes me very angry because it seems as though the people who are in a capacity to make it difficult for any American citizen to purchase guns are the very people who never want to seriously discuss the subject. I think if lawmakers truly cared about the gun violence problem in this country, they would have made major modifications to gun laws in 2012 after the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut where 20 children ages six and seven & six adults were killed. I guess maybe I just don’t understand politics.

Along with the sadness and anger I feel, I’m feeling admiration for the students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. I admire their determination to make a change in this country. They are traumatized, hurting emotionally and grieving their classmates & teachers who were killed yet they are extremely determined to see changes made to the gun laws in this country so that school shootings and other acts of gun violence can possibly be something we are no longer accustomed to happening in the United States. They seem very eager to get lawmakers both local and national to listen to what they have to say and that is an admirable task in my opinion. If placed in their positions I don’t think that I would be able to work for changes as steadfastly as they are and I applaud all of them for their efforts. I hope that their persistence works and changes the minds of those we elect to run this beautiful country we live in, so that when my four year old nephew is a teenager in ten years, his generation will be living in a better place. I pray everyday that this country, this world becomes a better place for him and his generation.
A change has to come now not later!

That’s just my perspective💜

2 thoughts on “A Change Has To Come Now! #32

  1. Politicians don’t care about anything other then what will get them votes especially the trash that’s in office now. If you change the gun laws those MANY MANY pro right to bear arms people will be votes lost in the next election so they play both sides of the fence until the issue dies down and they live to fight another day. There is a huge disconnect between authority and common citizens at every level because man naturally has a thirst for power and to control. It’s just such a disconnect out there.

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    1. You are right! I had not thought about how politicians work in the way you explained it. Thanks for giving me a different perspective.💜


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