Heartbreaking Moment #33

Almost two weeks ago I was in the car with my mother and two of my aunts headed to meet some other relatives and see a play at the local auditorium. While we made our way to the location of the play, as usual I was in my own introverted world, not really taking part in the conversation that my mother and my aunts were having. I was in deep thinking mode, concentrating on whatever was on my mind at that moment in time. As soon as we turned into the parking lot of our destination I quickly came out of my introverted haze, because something caught my attention, something that I don’t think anyone else in the car paid any attention to.

47AB1906-C42A-48C8-BD3C-E62D52C1EAFBThere was a man who I suspect was homeless sitting on a bench with a shopping cart next to him which was filled with what was probably all his possessions. Seeing homeless people in that part of town is not something that’s rare so I don’t know why this man caught my attention. Perhaps, it was because that night was one of those nights when the temperature was abnormally low for this time of the year in this part of the country and this man was just sitting alone there as if the cold weather was not affecting him, as a matter of fact it was as if he was completely oblivious to anything happening around him, it was a deeply sad sight.

After almost two weeks I haven’t been able to get that image out of my mind. I never shared anything about seeing this man with anyone that I was in the car with or any of my other family members that I was with that night, but the image has been weighing on my mind very heavily. That experience like a few others that I have written about is one that makes me question God, because it bothers me that I live in a world where people sometimes have no other option but to stay out in the cold and other weather conditions. I feel blessed beyond measure to have everything that God has blessed me with but at the same time I feel as though it seems so unfair that on cold nights or rainy days I have a roof over my head. I have a very nice place to call home, when there are so many people in this world who do not. I’m not saying I don’t deserve my nice home, I’m just saying it seems very unfair that all people can’t have nice homes with comfortable beds to rest on at night. In all honesty, I know I shouldn’t but homelessness is one of those things in life that makes me ask God why. Why are all people not worthy of always being blessed with a decent place to lay their heads at night? Why aren’t there enough shelters everywhere? Why do people have to go through financial hardships and lose their homes? Does God have a reason for allowing such things to happen?

I often wish that there was something that I could do to provide decent housing for every person/family in the world who needs it, starting with those in the United States, but I realize that’s just wishful thinking, I’m one person and I can’t change a worldwide problem alone. It just truly breaks my heart when I see someone who obviously doesn’t have adequate housing and for whatever reasons are living in any empty space they can find. I sincerely hope that homelessness is an issue that God allows someone to come up with a solution for homelessness while I am still alive to witness it.

“A man who lives everywhere lives nowhere.” Marcus Valerius Martial

That’s just my perspective.๐Ÿ’œ

11 thoughts on “Heartbreaking Moment #33

  1. zena, i am convinced that God speaks through you!!!! i love this!! there r very unfortunate sad situations that we witness every day. we have to keep praying very diligently! God told us that things were gonna get really bad toward the end of time. i think we r witnessing this. its so hard to see! please keep writing!! u r such an inspiration!!!! i love u mucho!!!!

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    1. Marsha, thank you for always being so kind and encouraging and thank you for taking the time to read the words I write.๐Ÿ’œ


      1. You are truly my cuzzin so amazing to me that your heart is so big & pure juz like mine cuz im always thinking of others more than i think about myself i really wish you & could start a campaign to end this my kids use to get mad at me for letting this homeless lady stay in our house but i love her i would feed her too but they tell me now momma yo heart so big & tjey grew to love her as well & now have different views on it

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      2. Care, concern and kindness most be hereditary. Love you and thank you for taking the time to read it.๐Ÿ’œ


      3. Because of the sweet gentle kind person you are, I am not surprise that you care and are concern. While reading your blog several thoughts cane to mind. First, I thought about my Lintonia days and how we as a family worked with the homeless and people and less fortunate.

        I am also reminded that there is more I can do and there is more I will like to do. I too have thought itโ€™s just so much to do. But; now I am asking myself โ€œWhat can I doโ€ I know I canโ€™t save the world but I can prayerfully impact a few lives .

        You and I need to come up with something to do. Love you ๐Ÿ˜

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      4. Shanta, oh how I wanted to be like you and Loie during those Lintonia days, I miss those days mostly because my daddy was still amongst us. I would love to be able to help others make their lives better. I always pray that my life will in some positive way impact others.Thank you for taking the time to read my blog post. Thank you for always being so loving and kind to me. Love you ๐Ÿ’œ


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