Feeling Uninspired #51

6AE1DDFF-A2D9-4C58-9D12-16ED5A52E579Uninspired is defined as lacking in imagination or originality, not filled with excitement. Its a definition that completely fits how I have been feeling this week.

In August, I set a goal for myself to post something on my blog once a week and up until this last week I have been doing a great job of accomplishing that goal by posting the words that I feel like God has led me to share every Wednesday or Thursday. This week both Wednesday & Thursday came and went without me posting anything, it’s now Sunday evening, and I am determined to make up for not posting earlier in the week, even if my post is just about how uninspired I am. It’s been an awful week and I’m not feeling one hundred percent myself physically or emotionally.

There are so many negative things going on in the world right now and for a person like me thinking about all of that is so energy draining. Although most times I feel like I am led by God to write about the topics that I do, I don’t want to keep writing about those negative things, because I want to be a spirit lifting, encouraging, empowering person. I’m just in a gloomy mood right now. I have a question to pose to my fellow bloggers, what do you do when you’re feeling uninspired but you’re determined to accomplish your goals? Actually that question is not just for bloggers, anyone can answer. How do you handle moments, days, weeks when you’re in a melancholy mood, but you still have a life to live and goals to accomplish? I’m hoping and praying that next week is better for me. I hope that by Wednesday God has removed this moment of lack of inspiration to write and given me something to share that puts a smile on the faces of my blog audience. Please pray with me and for me.

Have A Great Week!

That’s just my perspective!πŸ’œ

11 thoughts on “Feeling Uninspired #51

  1. I most certainly have those times when it seems nothing comes. At one time, I thought perhaps this was just a phase and I was done. One thing that I found that helps, is if I get an idea for a post, I will begin it, put down what I feel, and just park it. When I feel dry, I will look to see what I have n my cue, and sometimes I can just finish one.

    Another thing that helps is reading other blogs and other things that interests me. Sometimes that alone inspires. Keep at it!

    Thanks too for following me!!!

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    1. Thanks for your advice Barbara, it seems like since I have been blogging regularly I have more periods of being uninspired than ever before. Reading other blogs has definitely helped to inspire me when my mind is void of words to share. No thanks is necessary for following your blog, its awesome. I read your post about the black Baptist church and I could totally relate which made me want to read more of your blog. Thanks for taking a moment to read my blog.πŸ’œ

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    1. You are exactly right, I think that I lost myself in all that was on my mind and happening in my life and in the world but I’ve been praying about it all. I feel much better than I did the day I posted this. Thanks so much for reminder and for taking a moment to read my blog. I appreciate you.πŸ’œ


  2. I agree, it’s been an incredibly trying week in many ways, but I make it a point to always stay present, even in the pain. Sometimes it’s so overwhelming, I have to get out a notebook and just freewrite until everything is out of my spirit and onto the page. I do this on days when I’m not inspired either. I pray and freewrite. My thoughts don’t always make sense on paper but they almost always lead to some inspiration, even if it’s minute. It works for me :).

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    1. Evie, thanks for taking a moment to read my blog, I really appreciate it. I guess I am the opposite of you, I honestly tend to lose myself in overwhelming times. I keep a journal and doing so helps me to purge everything I am feeling, in the moment I am writing everything goes on the paper. I have so much going on in my mind that writing in my journal just didn’t help me feel better during this last week. I am having to pray to get myself back together because I want people to be encouraged and enlightened by my words.πŸ’œ


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